Similarities and Differences Between Korean Verbs and Adjectives

Posted: 2010-06-21 / Updated: 2018-02-07

Korean verbs and adjectives are less distinguishable than those in English (e.g. walk vs beautiful), because Korean adjectives are verb-like in grammatical constructions. It does not require a verb to be (e.g. am, are, is) for an adjective to construct a sentence, and an adjective is also always the last item in a predicate or a sentence.

However, it is important to distinguish between verbs and adjectives in Korean, because even both verbs and adjectives follow a similar set of rules to derive their modified forms , the difference in the rules between verbs and adjectives are significant.

In general, you may consider a Korean verb as an action or a process, and a Korean adjective is to describe a state of being.

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