SayJack is an Asian Language Learning Community.

It is also for Asian language speakers to practice English.Free for Everyone.

Handwriting Asian Characters

SayJack is an Asian language learning website. What is common among Japanese, Korean and Chinese?

Yes, all of these Asian languages are written in some form of characters, and each character can be written in a square box.

Try dragging your mouse or swiping on your mobile device to draw in the square box below; also plays with the Play, Undo and Clear buttons and see how they work. It is the writing pad you will practice writing Asian characters with.

Test Your Audio Recorder

Please test if your browser supports audio recording.

Press the red button and your browser may ask for permission to use your microphone. Allow it and start recording.

Randomly say something and press the stop button. If you then see a play button and you can replay your audio without problems, congrats! You are all set to have your beautiful voices contributed in our SayJack language learning community!